Why Anger Is A Useful Emotion and Ways To Help You Process It From An Empowered Approach


Life is not one big rainbow.  Yet there seems to be a huge misconception that in order to be *happy* in life, you shouldn’t be feeling any of the hard feels in life- especially ANGER.  Especially if you are a woman. 

Let’s be honest, there is a double standard when it comes to anger in men and women.   Women are often accused of being emotional wrecks, too sensitive and just plain cray cray. 

Yet here’s the thing.  Anger doesn’t have to be *bad*.   In fact, I believe we can use it to Empower Ourselves by learning how to harness that energy and do something positive to keep us in our Power.

The caveat is this: understand that we are responsible for our own thoughts, behaviours and actions.  We have no control over anyone else or other possible outcomes.

We are only responsible for how we choose to show up fully, in our own mind, body and life. 

So let me ask you, How do you want to show up in your world?

I want to show up and live the full experience. I want to learn how to embrace all the messy parts (not just the highlighted reels) of life.

Another point to mention is this, many times we get stuck on the *things* that are happening instead of paying attention to the emotions that we are *feeling*.

Listen, those emotions won’t just go away by themselves. Emotions are meant to move through us, not cling to us. We aren’t supposed to grab hold of them and use them like our new labels. Our new masks. Our new identities. 

Instead feel that ANGER. Give yourself a good few minutes to get really fucken mad

Then try this:

  1. Breathe. Take a long breath in and fill your stomach with air. Hold. Then slowly release.  It should look like this a 4 count in, 1 count hold, 4 count out. Do this as many times as you need to until you feel slightly calmer. 
  2. Stop talking. Yes that little chatter in your mind.  Or the real words that you’re rambling off about. Just stop it.  Return to Step 1 again. 
  3. Give it a new name.  This next step is super important.  I want you to use another label for the emotion you are feeling.  See our body has physiological attachments to the main emotions we feel– all we have to do is say the word and our body will put us in that  physiological state. For example: If you use the word *Furious* (I’m so furious!!!) then you are already in an emotional state to be there.  And the thing with being there is that you can actually stay stuck there for hours or even days. To stay in your Power, choose a neutral emotion to use to explain how you are feeling. So if the label you frequently use is furious, then how about using livid, fierce, or fuming and see how that Switch makes you feel the emotion yet still keeps you in your Power. 

I’ll write another Blog describing in more detail how to go about this next week.  Stay tuned.  But for now, know that you can be Empowered through your Emotions to be proactive and less reactive. 

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