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Ep 58- Rebirth with Eden Busani

We always have the power to choose again. In this episode Eden shares her story of Rebirth and how it has transformed her life & created a beautiful ripple effect by helping others create their own happiness from within. Eden’s life mission is to heal this broken belief and restore happiness and purpose to each individual’s life.


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Mending Broken Beliefs Podcast

And watch for the release of her book The Pathway to Freedom


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Ep 52: Why I’m doing 75Hard & what I’ve discovered about myself in the last 6 weeks.

In this solo episode, I do a deep dive into explaining my thought process to jumping into 75Hard as well as the discoveries I have made about myself in the past 6 weeks.


If you have ever struggled with body image and/or your relationship to food, THIS episode is for you.


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Ep 47- How To Brave Your Emotional Traumas in Life & Step Fully Back into Your Growth with Jenell Consorti

In this episode we chatted on :

-How to release emotional trauma in the body through different modalities such as: Breathwork, massage, movement. 

Jenell Consorti is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist, Certified Health Coach, and Certified Breathwork Facilitator specializing in self love and emotional connection. 

She went from lost and lonely, wondering how in the hell was this her life, to thriving and fulfilled. Coaching and breathwork have both helped her heal old trauma, release limiting beliefs, and live an aligned life. She now helps women create deeper connection to themselves, redefine self love, and reclaim their worth.

Connect with her:


IG @jenell.consorti


“You can do all the mindset work in the world, but if you still have shitty beliefs of yourself- nothing will change.” ~Jenell Consorti

Ep 44~ An Important message that you need to hear

This was recorded from one of my FB LIVE videos but I thought it was super important to share it with you all as well.

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40 years of life lessons

Today is my 40th bday!


wOw! Just saying it feels kinda strange.

I mean, you know when you’re like 15 and you think that anyone over 25 is O-L-D?

The thing is- I. Don’t.  Feel. OLD.

But I can tell you, I have earned everyone of those years.

To me, growing old IS such a privilege.

I potentially get a whole new year, (nothing guaranteed of course), to keep writing my story.

My birthday, is the day I give time for reflection.  A chance  to see if I am going in the direction I envision for my life.

And this year I thought I’d share the Life Lessons I’ve accumulated so far, in these brutiful (brutal & beautiful) FOUR-TAY years!

  1. Attaching our self worth to roles, statuses & relationships will always leave you empty.
  2. When it hurts too much it’s usually because you’re holding on too tightly.
  3. Nothing is permanent – except death.
  4. You’re allowed to change your mind.  Guilt free.
  5. Being hard on yourself serves no one.
  6. Whatever happens to you Belongs to you.
  7. You don’t need to have all the answers.
  8. .No is a sentence all by itself.
  9. Nothing is personal.
  10. We see the world through our own experiences. Whatever limits we see as well as what we believe we are worthy of having, will be.

I’m still working through many of these lessons. Unravelling the narratives that no longer serve for my highest self.  Shedding the old.

All the knocks that life gave me, were in essence painful gifts.  Pushing into them  showed me what I am made of.

I promise myself that no matter how confused or hurt I feel, there is always a purpose.

And I’ll keep reminding myself that instead of calcifying – I need to just keep breaking open. Surrendering to what is meant for me.  Trusting that even though I may not feel like I can get back up- I know that I have to.

Because of all the life lessons I’ve accumulated, I keep a #LifeWarrior’s heart on my sleeve- and she reminds me of how fucken resilient I truly am.

Darling 39, I’m blessing and releasing what is no longer serving me. Thank you.

Sweet 40 baby, I know what I’m made of. Let’s GO!