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Ep 61- The Do-Over Process with Danny J

n this episode we talk about life, infidelity, starting over and how to take your power back.


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The Power of 80

I gave a talk a few weeks back (all on productivity & motivation) and one of the ladies there said this one comment that lead me to a reflective state for the remainder of the day.

She shared that her grandfather had told her that if you are married (or in a long term relationship) and you feel happy 80% of the time then you are doing good.

This really got me to thinking.
Because I believe that many of us are striving for some kind of Hollywood Love- you know where there is intense romance and life seems absolutely perfect.

Yet the thing is- I know Perfection doesn’t exist.
It’s not a space anyone can occupy, because that space is forever changing.

Ask yourself honestly, have you ever worked so hard to get something and then felt permanent happiness & joy for the rest of your life?

Me neither.

See the thing is, we set goals- and I’m all about setting goals and working to achieve them.
Yet the reality is, when we do achieve them- we will naturally change for the next thing. We up the ante.

So no perfection doesn’t “officially” exist.

I believe in striving for excellence- which is less ego driven and you are working to be better (honestly we could all be better) and then once you achieve it then you find the next thing to grow from, and so on and so on.

So again- back to being 80% happy in a relationship = doing good in life.

80- it seems to be a powerful number.

When I’m coaching my nutrition clients, I teach them the power of 80 when it comes to food & hunger. I’ll write another blog on that another day.

Then I thought of school. When you are in school and you get an 80- you are doing pretty good. I mean sure, you could get higher & if you got exceptionally high marks in school, good for you.

But at the end of the day, we all work & no one really inquires how much you achieved on certain projects, tests, assignments.

If you got 80- you passed.

Then I shared these reflections with my hubby.
And here’s where things got really interesting.

See he shared with me that we should never fill up our hard drives from our computers (or our phones for that matter) past 80.

He explained that when you fill them beyond 80, the performance goes down and in some cases (depending how full your system is) it may not even turn on.


For those who are new to this community (Welcome!) but here’s a quick recap: I have had two burnouts trying to do all the things, make them look flawless & “perfect” (in a nutshell). I know that I was giving way more than 80% and trying to maintain it all, in all areas and so naturally, I burnt out.

Honestly, when it comes to living life, learning new skills, working on a new business, maintaining our closest relationships- there is a lot to say about the Power of 80.

Sure aim for excellence, but also be real.

There is truly nothing inspired by perfection- instead aim for 80 & you’ll be doing good!

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