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Ep 68- Irresistible YOU with Love Coach Francesca Fata

I sat down with Francesca Fata, Love Coach to chat all things relationships and how to tap into your divine feminine to become Irresistible.


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IG: @francescafata.love

FB: Francesca Fata

YouTube: Francesca Fata


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Ep 67- The Worst Advice Ever & Different Reframes to Explore

Solo Jam on the worst advice that we’ve been conditioned to believe.


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Ep 66- Understanding The Breadcrumbs Left By The Universe Using Human Design with Liz Coyles

I just recently I discovered Human Design, and because I’m all about understanding ourselves on the deepest levels, I dove right in. I was so excited to have Liz Coyles from Aligned By Design on the podcast to give a brief overview on what HD is and why we should consider exploring it further.


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Ep 65- Learning to Heal Yourself From The Inside Out with Cristy Powers

I got to sit down with Cristy Powers from PowersBeing to chat on all things autoimmune, inflammation and the importance of Mind, Body & Soul healing.


Check out Cristy’s book Roadmap to Remission HERE.


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Ep 64- From The Periphery With Jody Whelan (A Real & Raw Conversation about the Gillette Commercial)

After the Gillette Commercial, I originally bought into this notion of Goodbye Toxic Masculinity Hello Divine Masculinity.


And a close friend jumped into my DM to share his perspectives on how this video really made him feel.


So this is a real, raw honest conversation and I am here for it.


Here are the books we mentioned in the episode.

The Dance of Intimacy by Harriet G. Lerner

Don’t Label Me: An incredible Conversation for Divided Times.by Irshad Manji



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Ep 63- How To Make Life More Manageable No Matter What Season You Are In With Jenna Scott

I sat down with Jenna Scott, founder of Jenna Scott Wellness to talk all things busy mom life and what we can do when life throws us curve balls.


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Books mentioned on this episode:

The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday & Stephen Hanselman

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Untamed by Glennon Doyle


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Ep 62- Feeling Stuck? Here this should help you.

Solo jam, that I felt super inspired to share here with  you.


Let me know what comes up for you.


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Ep 58- Rebirth with Eden Busani

We always have the power to choose again. In this episode Eden shares her story of Rebirth and how it has transformed her life & created a beautiful ripple effect by helping others create their own happiness from within. Eden’s life mission is to heal this broken belief and restore happiness and purpose to each individual’s life.


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Mending Broken Beliefs Podcast

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