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Ep 53- Looking Back to Move Forward With Drea Cloak

In this episode we discuss the importance of looking back at the lessons learned to move forward in life.


We discuss all things body image, diet culture and how to break the Self Sabotaging Cycles…


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Ep 45- Breaking The Rules to live a Vibrant Life with RuleBreaker Kelsey Mead

In this episode I got to chat with Kelsey Mead on all things body image, nutrition, and why women need ti start breaking their rigid rules.

Kelsey is a wife, mother of 2 girls & an online health & lifestyle coach.  She is passionate about helping women achieve their dreams & lead more purposeful, vibrant lives. 

Her Rulebreaker Method has helped hundreds of women ditch the diet, find their worth apart from the scale & achieve the confidence they want to feel around food, but most importantly within themselves. 

“The goal isn’t the goal, the lifestyle is the goal” ~Kelsey Mead

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This one Mindset Shift Changed my Life

As we head into the new week, I wanted to take a few minutes to remind you:

Don’t let the opinions of others keep you from showing up for yourself.  In all reality other people’s opinions are simply just their fears.  Try to remember that.

That blog -WRITE IT.
That business-START IT.
That new exercise plan- DO IT.

That cool new hobby or sport that you were always interested in – TRY IT.


Too often we stop doing what it is we want to do, because we are afraid of what others will think of us.


But here is your reminder:


The difference between those who achieve and maintain their goals and those who don’t – is they are consistently committed.  They fail fast to learn quicker.  They pick themselves back up, readjust and go again.


So how do you do that?!


First- you need to see the difference between  being interested in something & being committed in something.


Let me show you.


When you are interested in something you think: ‘Hey, I’d love to spend more time with my family. Or I’d love to start working on my health. Or I’d love to get out of debt. Or I’d love to make a difference in the lives of others.’ etc.


Those statements above are simply PREFERENCES of a life you would love to lead- yet you don’t necessarily *want* to do anything different- yet.

Because let’s face it- Doing Different is HARD Work.


It requires thought & pattern/habit changes.

It requires us to really evaluate where we are in our lives & to be able to take accountability for us not being where we want to be.


Yet here’s the trick:


When you start something, please don’t be too radical.  The goal is to be flexible & adapt to changes- NOT to go all in at the same time.


That’s where many of us struggle.


We assume that we can do all the things all at once, and then we lose our patience because it’s not happening as fast as we want.


So all of a sudden, we NATURALLY lose motivation & begin the shiny new object syndrome- where we look at other ways to get what we want.


Faster ways. Easier ways.


This Mindset always makes us fall back into a rut.


Empowerment comes via responsibility & your Perception is YOUR POWER.

And if you CHOOSE to see it as hard, you will always find the proof in that perception pudding.


But if you CHOOSE to see it as an opportunity to really get to know yourself- really understand your subconscious habits- then once you hit the Shiny New Object Syndrome- you will see it for what it is.


Your brain’s way of keeping you stuck in the Interested Category

instead of the Committed Category.


This one Mindset Shift changed my life.


It’s like any important relationship -be that marriage, parenting, friendship, etc.


It’s not always fun & rosy.


There are tough times.


When you see the pattern loop your brain is keeping you in- then you can choose to quit or you can choose to grow.


The secret: CONSISTENCY. 

SHOW UP anyways.


Stay committed to what you keep saying you want-
Or don’t.


And if it’s the latter, stop making yourself feel like you are *broken* and instead tell your highest self that you aren’t committed but rather simply interested in that life. But CHOOSE to not pursue it-

Which is also totally fine btw!  This language change will relieve you from the guilt & shame you may be feeling on the daily. It will put you back in your power.


Remember, you can always go back to the old way of doing things- and there’s really no “right” way to live your life. You DO what you feel you need to DO.


Motivation is finite- it’s about developing  different habits & patterns that keep us in our power.

And practicing grace when things take longer than we expected.


Happy Sunday darlings! Make this week all that you desire it to be! xo

What Meal Plans really teach you

Ok, this has been a long time coming.

I will start by apologizing to anyone who may get offended by the following. However, I ask you to do one thing. If what I say upsets you and offends you- please do yourself a favour and dig into that feeling.

I know that I am a kind person. I would even say I am a team player. But there is one thing that I can no longer stomach! And that is the perpetuation of damn MEAL PLANS!!!


Because they don’t *teach* you anything!

And for this very reason I will list the truth of what meal plans actually teach you:

1) How to fear and label food.

Oh yes. You know what I’m talking about, you clean-eating diehards. You continue to vilify foods using old, outdated bro science dude-
Please do the world and yourself a favor- do some research.

2) How to create a dependency.
You become fixed to the *coach* who provides you this (usually very generic) meal plan that is most definitely NOT tailored to you and your needs. And most importantly it doesn’t take into account what you like to eat.

3) You become a slave to the clock.

Meaning, you no longer listen to your own body cues of when you are hungry, but rather end up having to eat every 2-3 hours. I might add that having lived this way, I was constantly hungry and stressing over when my next meal would be. Food was always on my mind. If I wasn’t meal prepping or shopping, I was eating or thinking about FOOD. All. DA. TIME.

4)You lose the creative spark – the zest for eating & ENJOYING your food.
You know what I’m talking about. When you are stuck eating your tuna in a can with a side of 6-8 asparagus because the plan says so.

Sure you may be able to swing a few creative recipes, but let’s be honest how many different ways can you eat your boiled chicken and asparagus?

And side note: many people who have been on restive meal plans for any period of time actually have other micro nutrient deficiencies because apparently *green* is the only colour of health choice.

Listen, if you absolutely need to follow a meal plan for medical reasons- then do it. This is for those who are thinking that the only way to their goals is to follow a meal plan.

And the reason I wanted to write about this today is because guaranteed your Newsfeed is oversaturated with all the *detoxes*, *programs*, *plans* to help you with your New Years Resolutions just as mine is.

Instead why not try a different approach? One that is way more Wholehearted and actually teaches you how to Like how you eat, and still eat how you like, GUILT free?

#FoodFreedomAcademy is ready to go!


Sign up HERE for more info.

Because the truth is, it’s not about eating less or restricting more.  It’s about learning to switch that mindset to a more Empowered and Wholehearted perspective and understanding what you eat, why you eat and all the many things in between.  Because we are more than just a body, we are complex beings!

And I can tell you that the solution isn’t another diet- it’s a lifestyle! Because you aren’t *broken* and you don’t need to be *fixed* –

You are Already GLOWrious doll!



#Curb365-a.k.a. Moderation In Moderation

#Curb365- it’s all about MODERATION in Moderation.

See there seems to be this HUGE myth still going around in regards to Nutrition & Fitness. The ‘Clean Eating’ Myth. a.k.a. #Bullshit

I cannot wait till the Bro Method retires. Seeeriousssllllyyy. That method is pure MADNESS. The true definition of insanity is to keep doing something over & over expecting different results. (I don’t understand why I’m struggling with this diet, I mean last time I dropped 20lbs in 3 weeks. I’m thinking it’s my Willpower or maybe I need to do MORE cardio & cut MORE calories, because obv-) #Sarcasm

I mean- I can call it like it is, because I have lived it & BARELY survived it.
My ears BURN whenever I hear people talking about eating ‘clean’.

The reason being that the minute we associate a moral label to our food choices, then those labels inevitably transfer to us.
Example: If I eat a salad. = I ate ‘Clean’. Meaning I AM good, because I made a good decision.

If I eat an ice-cream cone =I ate a ‘Bad’ food & therefore I AM bad. So then I have way more chances to say eff it and go on a bender because I feel Guilt which then leads to Shame which will push me further down the Shame Spiral and it is harder to pick myself up from that. #ViciousCycle

Another point here is that once we remove the moral labels & switch our perspective from a Restricted one to an Abundant one, then the Cravings & all those ‘Cheat Days’ slowly start to vanish. WHY? Because there are NO FOODS OFF LIMITS.

I’m not debating that there are foods MORE Nutritiously Optimal as there are foods LESS Nutritiously Optimal. What I am debating is the Perspective & Mindset that we view each.

The best example I have is to follow any ‘Fitspo’ and you will see just how ‘HARDCORE’ they are with all the Restricting & Depriving until they inevitably break & have those Massive CHEAT DAYS. Again, proving my point that ALL or NOTHING always gets you NOTHING!

Why do we think having a few pieces of chocolate is bad, yet packing back 1000’s + of calories in one sitting is ok?

DUDE- Are you for real?

Enter- #Curb365

It’s the way I eat today, how I ate last week, how I’ll eat in 6 months from now, heck I can guarantee I’ll eat this way in 6 years from now. NOTE: Holidays are meant to be enjoyed not Cheated with- remove that word “Cheat” it sounds so negative! #AbundanceMindset

C-Cravings. We all have them. This is why I like to enjoy Buffer Foods. These foods help take the edge off of being so hardcore- I can tell you that once you insert Buffer Foods into your day, you will build Self-Trust & Resiliency & eventually those cravings will become non-existent.

U-Unique. Eat food that you like & Do training that you like. It is Unique to YOU. Enough of this ‘No Pain No Gain’ & that ‘A taste on the lips, forever on the hips’…Those statements are false & so detrimental to that precious Mindset of yours.

R- Stop Restricting & Start Respecting your body, Mind, Heart & Soul.

B- Body. You only have one body, one life. It’s about Honouring that.
Besides, there isn’t only 1 way to have a body.

365- There is no ON or OFF anymore. It’s about learning to get comfortable in the ‘greys’ of life. This is THE Livable Lifestyle.

And lastly, when it comes to Health & Overall Wellness know that this is not one-dimensional. It is not a size, shape or a number. Ultimate Health comes from a Healthy Mind. A Healthy Heart. A Healthy Soul.

I mean anyone can prescribe a Meal plan- there is absolutely NO skill there.

In fact, I used to prescribe Meal Plans & then beat myself up because I wasn’t even able to stick to my own damn plan!#EffPerfection

And truth be told- I hated telling someone else what they should do for their own body-

That’s when I decided to be Coach.  I want to Empower someone to choose foods & exercise that feels good to that person. No more one size fits all approach- Now that’s a Coach.#KnowledgeIsPower

I mean, it’s worth a try right? You can always go back to the old way of doing things. #SufferingIsAChoice

It is true what they say though: Get the Mind right & the Rest will follow.

The key lies in healing your relationship with food & also healing your relationship with your Body Image.

Because let me tell you that you have SO much more to offer the world then just your body!

If you are interested in learning HOW to overcome the ALL or NOTHING Mindset, as well as learn how to get back into your body to take up space there- add your name to the Inner Tribe HERE.  (Just confirm your subscription cause I hide in spam boxes sometimes :P) 

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All things with love,

Mama C


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