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Ep 63- How To Make Life More Manageable No Matter What Season You Are In With Jenna Scott

I sat down with Jenna Scott, founder of Jenna Scott Wellness to talk all things busy mom life and what we can do when life throws us curve balls.


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Books mentioned on this episode:

The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday & Stephen Hanselman

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Untamed by Glennon Doyle


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Ep 53- Looking Back to Move Forward With Drea Cloak

In this episode we discuss the importance of looking back at the lessons learned to move forward in life.


We discuss all things body image, diet culture and how to break the Self Sabotaging Cycles…


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It’s ok to want to change your body AND learn to love & respect the skin you’re in NOW.

It is OK to want to change your body.

But it’s very important to learn to accept & respect the skin you’re in NOW.


Because look at how *successful* you’ve been at accomplishing any goal you set out to do only using self criticism as your main motivating factor.

Listen, that shit doesn’t work long term.

Darling, you only have ONE body.

And beating it down emotionally, physically & mentally is no longer serving your ultimate health.

Every year around this time, our newsfeeds are flooded with pressure to “hurry up to get bikini body ready!” 

I’m over here like, “But babe, just put a damn bikini on your body & own your sessyness.”

But in all seriousness, here are ways to improve the relationship with your body & begin to take up space in it. 

1. STOP comparing your physical attributes to someone else’s. This is such a negative behaviour that happens several hundred times a day. The first step is bringing awareness to this automatic habit. Ask yourself how this really makes you feel deep down? Is what you say to yourself kind? Is it something you’d say to your sister, daughter, mother, friend? 

2. FAT is not a feeling love. Meaning when you feel “fat”, take this as an invitation to explore further where you are feeling inadequate in your life? What emotion lies beneath the surface? Get curious. 

3. Avoid conversations that enforce the body bashing & shaming talk. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. The “She’s too big, she’s too small, she’s too curvy, she’s too muscular, she’s too jiggly, she’s too much, etc.” And I’m not just talking about the way we pick each other apart. I’m especially talking about the way us women tear each other apart. No. Just No. STOP that shit. 
It’s tacky & ugly. And you darling, are much too classy for that kind of nasty gossip. 

4. Get back into your body.
Do this by exploring doing things you love!
Be that dancing, swimming, yoga, having sex. Whatever it is: BE in it. 

5. Eat foods you love & that love you back. Get that water in & learn to manage your stress by improving your sleep hygiene. 

Whose excited for warmer weather?

PS- I should really clean this mirror 😛

Why Choose A WORD?

Back in 2012, I was DONE with New Years Resolutions. I just always struggled to keep them. And apparently, I’m not the only one.

Did you know that upwards of 92% of people who make Resolutions, drop them before the first month of the year is complete?

See the issue I have with New Years Resolutions is that they always seem to be rooted in unworthiness. They always feel like they are a means to an end. They kinda give me a bad taste in my mouth- just like those “Before/After” photos. I mean seriously, we are all on a Journey of life. There’s no ‘end’ until the end, ya know?

So back in 2012, I decided to try something different.

I chose a WORD.

At first I’ll admit, it was a little strange when people would ask me what my resolutions were and I’d be like: “My word for this year is….”

But now that it’s been 8 years in the making, I get so excited to just share what WORD choose me. As well as hear what others have chosen as their word.

I just feel like there is much more depth and emotional charge that can come from choosing a WORD to help lead your year.

For nothing more than entertainment here are the words I’ve used to help spark my Highest Self to show up Powerfully since 2012.

2012- PERSEVERE. The year I competed in my First BodyBuilding Show

2013-PAY IT FORWARD. The year I helped head a huge fundraiser for the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children. The Korn For Kids team & I raised over 10K that year! AMAZING!

2014- SIMPLICITY. The year I had my second burnout from over extending myself in various Pay It Forward Projects from the year before.

2015- LIMITLESS. The year I took my personal training online & Feed That Glow was born.

2016- CREATE. The year I hired my first business coach & learned so much about myself & how to build the foundations to go all in as an online brand- cue the imposture syndrome.

2017- GRIT. The year my whole world fell apart, broke me open & the recurring theme was loss. EVERYTHING was especially hard af that year.

2018-JOY. The year I decided that no matter what was happening around me, I could choose how I wanted to show up in it as JOY. Also the year we started attacking our debt from a healthy money mindset.

2019- EXPAND. This year my vision is to expand in ALL my relationships, including the women I serve online. This is the year I want to help women overcome their issues with food & body image. I want to teach women how to repair their relationship with bingeing on food & bingeing on overspending. #BreakingTheBinge

So you’re probably thinking- but how do I chose a word?

Here are a few tips to help you see if the word you choose is a fit for you.

  1. Reflect on what it is you want to create. How you want to live this year? What are you planning on BEing? Close your eyes and picture it all.

2. Write down words that feel like what you envisioned above. Words (or short phrases) that empower you. Do a complete brain dump on a sheet of paper. Then Narrow your list to a few. This practice gets easier and easier with every year, I promise.

3. Let it simmer. I legit let my WORD simmer for a few days. Actually, by allowing that space, you will feel which one is calling to you more.

4.Try it on for size. Close your eyes. Now say your word out loud. How does it feel in your body? Where do you feel it in your body? If it feels warm, like home, at peace in your body- then you may have found your word.

5. Share your WORD. Write it where you will see it everyday.

I have come to love this practice so much. In fact come December, my WORD usually just comes to me out of nowhere. I’ve been wearing my 2019 WORD on my wrist since October 2018.

Found your word? Share with me!

Your Body Is A Good Body- How to see it from a Neutral View

Did you know that approx 91% of women are dieting at any given time?

Did you know that 97% of women are beating themselves down, stuck in the mental and emotional energy it takes to tear themselves apart? (consumed by numbers on scales/sizes, cellulite, stretch marks – & all that The ‘Not Enoughness’ encompasses)

Did you know that 100% of the energy you focus on leaves you drained to shift your mindset to something more loving & compassionate?

Cognitive Distortion is a serious issue.

Your body hears what your mind speaks.

The truth of the matter is that #SelfLove is NOT found in a diet, product or a workout program

It comes from within.

And it is possible to change the conversation & learn how to stop wanting to forever shrink, stay small & end the abusive dieting cycle- (you cannot be a professional dieter.)

It’s about learning how to take up ALL the space in your body to then take up MORE space in your life.

It’s about learning to embrace your GLOW.
Reclaiming it.

For those who are new to my page (Feed that Glow) welcome! I’m so glad you are here!

I have been where you are.

For years, I hated how I looked. I spent YEARS picking myself apart-

Body part by body part.

I spent years saying: “Im a body under construction”.

Implying that I was somehow *broken* & needed to be repaired.

Here is a picture of what MY body has done for me.

The incredible miracles that I was blessed to create -yet somehow took for granted.

A body that fought cervical cancer.

A body that SURVIVED years of torture via mental, physical & emotional abuse.

Sister: our bodies are all we have when we are born & when we die.

Why spend all the many years in between this being so mean to something so AMAZING?!

So let’s explore what you can CHOOSE to do different right now to not be so hard on yourself.  Side note: NOTHING is inspired by perfection.

  1. Catch your thoughts. What is the inside chatter? Is it Kind? Would you say that out-loud to your best friend?

If the answer is no: then you need to STOP saying it in your head.

Immediately. It’s about switching that pattern.  Oh and if you believe that self-criticism is an effective way to motivate yourself into doing things, that is false. (I’ll save that for another day though)

2.  It’s not about saying how much you *love* yourself and all that other jazz (yet) but rather taking it back to a neutral base.

Example: Instead of saying I am so beautiful and I love my body, why not say something like: I have a body.  It carries me around.  I like my eyes. And the fact that my big legs are strong AF.

3.  Focus on ALL the things you can do!

Seriously, we don’t appreciate the fullness of what we can do in this life! How often do we downplay our successes but yet berate ourselves for things that are more challenging to learn, do, etc.

Listen to me: YOU have a GOOD body. And that body shows up for you everyday regardless of pain, illness, stress, etc.

And Darling, you are SO much more than your outer shell.

It’s just about starting to change the conversation within ourselves, to start to Embrace our GLOW.

Slowly, slowly, slowly you will get to where you are going in your healing.  You are enough.

Pinkie swear! Xx

#Curb365-a.k.a. Moderation In Moderation

#Curb365- it’s all about MODERATION in Moderation.

See there seems to be this HUGE myth still going around in regards to Nutrition & Fitness. The ‘Clean Eating’ Myth. a.k.a. #Bullshit

I cannot wait till the Bro Method retires. Seeeriousssllllyyy. That method is pure MADNESS. The true definition of insanity is to keep doing something over & over expecting different results. (I don’t understand why I’m struggling with this diet, I mean last time I dropped 20lbs in 3 weeks. I’m thinking it’s my Willpower or maybe I need to do MORE cardio & cut MORE calories, because obv-) #Sarcasm

I mean- I can call it like it is, because I have lived it & BARELY survived it.
My ears BURN whenever I hear people talking about eating ‘clean’.

The reason being that the minute we associate a moral label to our food choices, then those labels inevitably transfer to us.
Example: If I eat a salad. = I ate ‘Clean’. Meaning I AM good, because I made a good decision.

If I eat an ice-cream cone =I ate a ‘Bad’ food & therefore I AM bad. So then I have way more chances to say eff it and go on a bender because I feel Guilt which then leads to Shame which will push me further down the Shame Spiral and it is harder to pick myself up from that. #ViciousCycle

Another point here is that once we remove the moral labels & switch our perspective from a Restricted one to an Abundant one, then the Cravings & all those ‘Cheat Days’ slowly start to vanish. WHY? Because there are NO FOODS OFF LIMITS.

I’m not debating that there are foods MORE Nutritiously Optimal as there are foods LESS Nutritiously Optimal. What I am debating is the Perspective & Mindset that we view each.

The best example I have is to follow any ‘Fitspo’ and you will see just how ‘HARDCORE’ they are with all the Restricting & Depriving until they inevitably break & have those Massive CHEAT DAYS. Again, proving my point that ALL or NOTHING always gets you NOTHING!

Why do we think having a few pieces of chocolate is bad, yet packing back 1000’s + of calories in one sitting is ok?

DUDE- Are you for real?

Enter- #Curb365

It’s the way I eat today, how I ate last week, how I’ll eat in 6 months from now, heck I can guarantee I’ll eat this way in 6 years from now. NOTE: Holidays are meant to be enjoyed not Cheated with- remove that word “Cheat” it sounds so negative! #AbundanceMindset

C-Cravings. We all have them. This is why I like to enjoy Buffer Foods. These foods help take the edge off of being so hardcore- I can tell you that once you insert Buffer Foods into your day, you will build Self-Trust & Resiliency & eventually those cravings will become non-existent.

U-Unique. Eat food that you like & Do training that you like. It is Unique to YOU. Enough of this ‘No Pain No Gain’ & that ‘A taste on the lips, forever on the hips’…Those statements are false & so detrimental to that precious Mindset of yours.

R- Stop Restricting & Start Respecting your body, Mind, Heart & Soul.

B- Body. You only have one body, one life. It’s about Honouring that.
Besides, there isn’t only 1 way to have a body.

365- There is no ON or OFF anymore. It’s about learning to get comfortable in the ‘greys’ of life. This is THE Livable Lifestyle.

And lastly, when it comes to Health & Overall Wellness know that this is not one-dimensional. It is not a size, shape or a number. Ultimate Health comes from a Healthy Mind. A Healthy Heart. A Healthy Soul.

I mean anyone can prescribe a Meal plan- there is absolutely NO skill there.

In fact, I used to prescribe Meal Plans & then beat myself up because I wasn’t even able to stick to my own damn plan!#EffPerfection

And truth be told- I hated telling someone else what they should do for their own body-

That’s when I decided to be Coach.  I want to Empower someone to choose foods & exercise that feels good to that person. No more one size fits all approach- Now that’s a Coach.#KnowledgeIsPower

I mean, it’s worth a try right? You can always go back to the old way of doing things. #SufferingIsAChoice

It is true what they say though: Get the Mind right & the Rest will follow.

The key lies in healing your relationship with food & also healing your relationship with your Body Image.

Because let me tell you that you have SO much more to offer the world then just your body!

If you are interested in learning HOW to overcome the ALL or NOTHING Mindset, as well as learn how to get back into your body to take up space there- add your name to the Inner Tribe HERE.  (Just confirm your subscription cause I hide in spam boxes sometimes :P) 

Follow the conversation on the Feed That Glow FB page.

All things with love,

Mama C


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