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Ep 65- Learning to Heal Yourself From The Inside Out with Cristy Powers

I got to sit down with Cristy Powers from PowersBeing to chat on all things autoimmune, inflammation and the importance of Mind, Body & Soul healing.


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Ep 61- The Do-Over Process with Danny J

n this episode we talk about life, infidelity, starting over and how to take your power back.


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Season 3 Ep 60- Dirty Laundry

This is an episode that we have sat down to try to record for the past year.


Our Marriage has been through it ALL.


And what we have found is that if you are willing to do the dirty unsexy mindset & emotional intelligence work on yourself, your life will change.


Whether or not your relationship stands the trials and tribulations is irrelevant.


You must be brave enough to do the work on yourself, FOR yourself.


Books mentioned in this episode: Mating In Captivity by Esther Perel

State of Affairs by Esther Perel

Psycho-Cybernertics by Maxwell Maltz

I want to tell you that you can survive & thrive after infidelity.

This pain doesn’t have to define you.

There are so many resources out there and trained professionals to help you through this hard season.


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Above all else, we all have a chapter or two that we don’t read out loud. This is part of the Humanmess.

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Ep 58- Rebirth with Eden Busani

We always have the power to choose again. In this episode Eden shares her story of Rebirth and how it has transformed her life & created a beautiful ripple effect by helping others create their own happiness from within. Eden’s life mission is to heal this broken belief and restore happiness and purpose to each individual’s life.


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Ep 53- Looking Back to Move Forward With Drea Cloak

In this episode we discuss the importance of looking back at the lessons learned to move forward in life.


We discuss all things body image, diet culture and how to break the Self Sabotaging Cycles…


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Ep 52: Why I’m doing 75Hard & what I’ve discovered about myself in the last 6 weeks.

In this solo episode, I do a deep dive into explaining my thought process to jumping into 75Hard as well as the discoveries I have made about myself in the past 6 weeks.


If you have ever struggled with body image and/or your relationship to food, THIS episode is for you.


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Ep 47- How To Brave Your Emotional Traumas in Life & Step Fully Back into Your Growth with Jenell Consorti

In this episode we chatted on :

-How to release emotional trauma in the body through different modalities such as: Breathwork, massage, movement. 

Jenell Consorti is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist, Certified Health Coach, and Certified Breathwork Facilitator specializing in self love and emotional connection. 

She went from lost and lonely, wondering how in the hell was this her life, to thriving and fulfilled. Coaching and breathwork have both helped her heal old trauma, release limiting beliefs, and live an aligned life. She now helps women create deeper connection to themselves, redefine self love, and reclaim their worth.

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IG @jenell.consorti


“You can do all the mindset work in the world, but if you still have shitty beliefs of yourself- nothing will change.” ~Jenell Consorti

Ep 42- “I’m feeling Overwhelmed” is a Story with Anat Peri

In this episode, I got to chat with Transformation coach, Anat Peri on emotional resiliency, how to prime yourself for emotional safety and how feeling overwhelmed is nothing more than a story.

Anat has her own signature program called Training Camp For The Soul (https://www.trainingcampforthesoul.com)
Connect with her here (https://www.instagram.com/anat.peri/)

Powerful Quotes: “Bliss is any feeling felt all the way through” ~Joseph Campbell

“Overwhelm is simply a feeling you haven’t felt all the way through” ~Anat Peri

Other resource mentioned: Map of Consciousness

It’s ok to want to change your body AND learn to love & respect the skin you’re in NOW.

It is OK to want to change your body.

But it’s very important to learn to accept & respect the skin you’re in NOW.


Because look at how *successful* you’ve been at accomplishing any goal you set out to do only using self criticism as your main motivating factor.

Listen, that shit doesn’t work long term.

Darling, you only have ONE body.

And beating it down emotionally, physically & mentally is no longer serving your ultimate health.

Every year around this time, our newsfeeds are flooded with pressure to “hurry up to get bikini body ready!” 

I’m over here like, “But babe, just put a damn bikini on your body & own your sessyness.”

But in all seriousness, here are ways to improve the relationship with your body & begin to take up space in it. 

1. STOP comparing your physical attributes to someone else’s. This is such a negative behaviour that happens several hundred times a day. The first step is bringing awareness to this automatic habit. Ask yourself how this really makes you feel deep down? Is what you say to yourself kind? Is it something you’d say to your sister, daughter, mother, friend? 

2. FAT is not a feeling love. Meaning when you feel “fat”, take this as an invitation to explore further where you are feeling inadequate in your life? What emotion lies beneath the surface? Get curious. 

3. Avoid conversations that enforce the body bashing & shaming talk. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. The “She’s too big, she’s too small, she’s too curvy, she’s too muscular, she’s too jiggly, she’s too much, etc.” And I’m not just talking about the way we pick each other apart. I’m especially talking about the way us women tear each other apart. No. Just No. STOP that shit. 
It’s tacky & ugly. And you darling, are much too classy for that kind of nasty gossip. 

4. Get back into your body.
Do this by exploring doing things you love!
Be that dancing, swimming, yoga, having sex. Whatever it is: BE in it. 

5. Eat foods you love & that love you back. Get that water in & learn to manage your stress by improving your sleep hygiene. 

Whose excited for warmer weather?

PS- I should really clean this mirror 😛

Lessons we’ve learned from Infidelity

Lessons we’ve learned from INFIDELITY

1. You will heal. Don’t rush it. Seek professional help. Do the work necessary to help you heal. 

2. You will come out stronger than you ever thought possible.

3. You must forgive yourself (whether it was you that was unfaithful or you were the one betrayed)

4. Choosing to forgive others, sets you free.

5. You are not a victim.

6.You will grow from this.

7. Surround yourself with those who hold space for you, in a non judgmental way.

8. You will learn so much from the pain yet remember this pain can be your catalyst for many beautiful life lessons. Go into it. 

9. Shame is an emotion that serves no one. Neither does blame.

10. Accepting what is instead of fighting what could have been. It happened. Stop pain shopping (wanting to know all the details & connecting all the dots). 

11. Healing is not linear. Allow all the feels. 

12. People make mistakes. These mistakes are not our identity, nor are they our life sentence.

13. You can choose to stay. This doesn’t mean you are weak or have no self respect for yourself.

14. Don’t place people on pedastals. They only have one way to fall.

15. Your partner cannot be *everything* to you. “Love is messy, infidelity more so. But it is also a window, like none other, into the crevices of the human heart.” ~Esther Perel from the book The State Of Affairs

You can not only survive infidelity but also THRIVE in your marriage. We are living proof. Trust can be rebuilt. Honour & respect restored. Faith over fear, Always.

And know that no matter what, you are already #WorthyAF right now to have all you desire. 

All things with love,