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Ep 62- Feeling Stuck? Here this should help you.

Solo jam, that I felt super inspired to share here with  you.


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Season 3 Ep 60- Dirty Laundry

This is an episode that we have sat down to try to record for the past year.


Our Marriage has been through it ALL.


And what we have found is that if you are willing to do the dirty unsexy mindset & emotional intelligence work on yourself, your life will change.


Whether or not your relationship stands the trials and tribulations is irrelevant.


You must be brave enough to do the work on yourself, FOR yourself.


Books mentioned in this episode: Mating In Captivity by Esther Perel

State of Affairs by Esther Perel

Psycho-Cybernertics by Maxwell Maltz

I want to tell you that you can survive & thrive after infidelity.

This pain doesn’t have to define you.

There are so many resources out there and trained professionals to help you through this hard season.


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Above all else, we all have a chapter or two that we don’t read out loud. This is part of the Humanmess.

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Ep 42- “I’m feeling Overwhelmed” is a Story with Anat Peri

In this episode, I got to chat with Transformation coach, Anat Peri on emotional resiliency, how to prime yourself for emotional safety and how feeling overwhelmed is nothing more than a story.

Anat has her own signature program called Training Camp For The Soul (https://www.trainingcampforthesoul.com)
Connect with her here (https://www.instagram.com/anat.peri/)

Powerful Quotes: “Bliss is any feeling felt all the way through” ~Joseph Campbell

“Overwhelm is simply a feeling you haven’t felt all the way through” ~Anat Peri

Other resource mentioned: Map of Consciousness

Are you a Failure?

 I’ve been feeling in a funk these past few days. Actually if I’m being at all honest, I’ve been feeling like a #FAILURE.

Now, ya gurl, knows that she’s NOT a failure and also that these feelings of defeat are all part of living the human mess in all its glory.

If you’ve been feeling like this ✌️, here are some actionable steps to help you take back yo power babe.

1. Take a DEEP breath. When we feel like we are failures, the truth is we are Self Diagnosing our physical states compared to someone else’s highlighted reels. Put your hand on your heart, close your eyes. Ask yourself how many of the ?days have you survived? ALL. OF. THEM.

2. Lady Gaga said it best: it’s not about winning. It’s about GETTING. BACK. UP. –

3. Sister, there is no such thing as “failing”. You either LIVE or you LEARN. You are green & growing. Trust that LIFE is always happening FOR you and you are more than resourceful to figure it out. –

4. Emotions are nothing but ENERGY in Motion. Let it FLOW through you. Do not let these feelings become your identity. You were made for more. You know it. You feel it in your bones. So babe, MOVE these feels outta you. Dance, sing, cry, scream. – Just know that YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE.

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I see you. I feel you. You matter babe. I won’t let you ever forget that. Promise. Xo