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Ep 54- The Power Of Interconnectedness with Elizabeth Campbell

Elizabeth Campbell is Mind-Body Transformation and Health coach. She’s the founder of Evolve Health LLC and her signature program, Total Transformation Blueprint. I wanted to have her on the show to talk about the Power of Interconnectedness.

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It’s ok to want to change your body AND learn to love & respect the skin you’re in NOW.

It is OK to want to change your body.

But it’s very important to learn to accept & respect the skin you’re in NOW.


Because look at how *successful* you’ve been at accomplishing any goal you set out to do only using self criticism as your main motivating factor.

Listen, that shit doesn’t work long term.

Darling, you only have ONE body.

And beating it down emotionally, physically & mentally is no longer serving your ultimate health.

Every year around this time, our newsfeeds are flooded with pressure to “hurry up to get bikini body ready!” 

I’m over here like, “But babe, just put a damn bikini on your body & own your sessyness.”

But in all seriousness, here are ways to improve the relationship with your body & begin to take up space in it. 

1. STOP comparing your physical attributes to someone else’s. This is such a negative behaviour that happens several hundred times a day. The first step is bringing awareness to this automatic habit. Ask yourself how this really makes you feel deep down? Is what you say to yourself kind? Is it something you’d say to your sister, daughter, mother, friend? 

2. FAT is not a feeling love. Meaning when you feel “fat”, take this as an invitation to explore further where you are feeling inadequate in your life? What emotion lies beneath the surface? Get curious. 

3. Avoid conversations that enforce the body bashing & shaming talk. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. The “She’s too big, she’s too small, she’s too curvy, she’s too muscular, she’s too jiggly, she’s too much, etc.” And I’m not just talking about the way we pick each other apart. I’m especially talking about the way us women tear each other apart. No. Just No. STOP that shit. 
It’s tacky & ugly. And you darling, are much too classy for that kind of nasty gossip. 

4. Get back into your body.
Do this by exploring doing things you love!
Be that dancing, swimming, yoga, having sex. Whatever it is: BE in it. 

5. Eat foods you love & that love you back. Get that water in & learn to manage your stress by improving your sleep hygiene. 

Whose excited for warmer weather?

PS- I should really clean this mirror 😛