2016 People’s Choice Awards Winner 

Praise for Crystal & Feed That Glow

Passion overfloweth as this Self Love Soldier, with her heart of her sleeve, preaches the gospel of self love and empowerment.

Fitness and nutrition are no longer the road to self love but rather the byproduct. Thanks for building me up from the inside out!” ~Samantha

Amazing….this girl is the real deal…workouts for real women with real life schedules.Her energy is contagious ♡” ~Amanda

Crystal is awesome. I am reactive hypoglycaemic and she was my last attempt for help. I had dealt with other nutritionist and they were not helpful at all. They did not listen to how I was feeling and kept putting my on a diabetic diet and I’m not diabetic, I am the opposite. My blood sugars kept on dropping all the time. I had the shakes and blurred vision. I couldn’t even do a full workout without having to stop cause I was shaky and weak. I saw her post about macro counting so I reaches out the her to see what that was all about. She listened and understood. After a week on macro counting I had not had any low blood sugar symptoms, no shaking, no weak spells nothing. I was amazed. Now I can due a full cardio weight lifting workout with no problem at all. Thanks Crystal!” ~Gen

What can I say about Crystal? How about she has got to be one of the most caring, compassionate, understanding, motivational, nonjudgmental people I have ever met! After having my baby who was born with special needs, life was tough! What do we do then…we eat! When I met Crystal things got better! Our first summer/fall together I lost 30lbs and a whole lot of inches…talk about mood booster! I guess my special needs boy was a blessing in disguise, because who knows if our paths would have crossed otherwise! Crystal…I love you lady! Keep doing what you’re doing!” ~Tasha

Feed that glow is amazing! A coach who encourages you every step. Positive in all she does thank you for your knowledge and support.” ~Roseline