This one Mindset Shift Changed my Life

As we head into the new week, I wanted to take a few minutes to remind you:

Don’t let the opinions of others keep you from showing up for yourself.  In all reality other people’s opinions are simply just their fears.  Try to remember that.

That blog -WRITE IT.
That business-START IT.
That new exercise plan- DO IT.

That cool new hobby or sport that you were always interested in – TRY IT.


Too often we stop doing what it is we want to do, because we are afraid of what others will think of us.


But here is your reminder:


The difference between those who achieve and maintain their goals and those who don’t – is they are consistently committed.  They fail fast to learn quicker.  They pick themselves back up, readjust and go again.


So how do you do that?!


First- you need to see the difference between  being interested in something & being committed in something.


Let me show you.


When you are interested in something you think: ‘Hey, I’d love to spend more time with my family. Or I’d love to start working on my health. Or I’d love to get out of debt. Or I’d love to make a difference in the lives of others.’ etc.


Those statements above are simply PREFERENCES of a life you would love to lead- yet you don’t necessarily *want* to do anything different- yet.

Because let’s face it- Doing Different is HARD Work.


It requires thought & pattern/habit changes.

It requires us to really evaluate where we are in our lives & to be able to take accountability for us not being where we want to be.


Yet here’s the trick:


When you start something, please don’t be too radical.  The goal is to be flexible & adapt to changes- NOT to go all in at the same time.


That’s where many of us struggle.


We assume that we can do all the things all at once, and then we lose our patience because it’s not happening as fast as we want.


So all of a sudden, we NATURALLY lose motivation & begin the shiny new object syndrome- where we look at other ways to get what we want.


Faster ways. Easier ways.


This Mindset always makes us fall back into a rut.


Empowerment comes via responsibility & your Perception is YOUR POWER.

And if you CHOOSE to see it as hard, you will always find the proof in that perception pudding.


But if you CHOOSE to see it as an opportunity to really get to know yourself- really understand your subconscious habits- then once you hit the Shiny New Object Syndrome- you will see it for what it is.


Your brain’s way of keeping you stuck in the Interested Category

instead of the Committed Category.


This one Mindset Shift changed my life.


It’s like any important relationship -be that marriage, parenting, friendship, etc.


It’s not always fun & rosy.


There are tough times.


When you see the pattern loop your brain is keeping you in- then you can choose to quit or you can choose to grow.


The secret: CONSISTENCY. 

SHOW UP anyways.


Stay committed to what you keep saying you want-
Or don’t.


And if it’s the latter, stop making yourself feel like you are *broken* and instead tell your highest self that you aren’t committed but rather simply interested in that life. But CHOOSE to not pursue it-

Which is also totally fine btw!  This language change will relieve you from the guilt & shame you may be feeling on the daily. It will put you back in your power.


Remember, you can always go back to the old way of doing things- and there’s really no “right” way to live your life. You DO what you feel you need to DO.


Motivation is finite- it’s about developing  different habits & patterns that keep us in our power.

And practicing grace when things take longer than we expected.


Happy Sunday darlings! Make this week all that you desire it to be! xo

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