Flip the Emotion Switch

Last week I wrote about ANGER and how it can be used as a Positive, Empowering emotion, if used correctly.

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So today I want to show you how to Flip the Emotion Switch by giving it a new label.

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We are all emotional beings who literally deal with our emotions less than 1% of the time.  I’m serious, we will complain about all the other ailments in our lives but when it comes to feeling the feels- it’s pretty clear that we are a society that doesn’t embrace those things…Side note, emotions are not always logical but they are always instructive. At times they may be conflicting and  I want to help you always feel in YOUR Power when it comes to your feels.

Awareness is key, so here’s a great exercise I want you to do.  It will be of utmost importance to do this activity with an open mind and to approach it with curiosity not with judgment.  Got it? Good.

First step: Grab a pen & paper.  I want you to write down all the emotions you have felt in the last week.

Next divide your paper into two columns.

I want you to take the emotions you would consider *negative* and batch them on one side of the column.

Do the same thing with the *positive* emotions.

Here’s an example of what my list of emotions were this past week.











Now for Step two: Renaming that Emotion.

See there are certain words that we use to describe our emotions that set our physiological selves up into that exact feeling.  It’s true.  Before doing this exercise, I was unable to even say the word Frustrated without having a clenched jaw and tight pursed lips.  It’s like the minute I say the word frustrated my physiological self responds with F-R-U-S-T-R-A-T-I-O-N. 

This theory has actually been proven.  Now the thing about this is that when we are in those high crisis times, we need to be able to think and not be so reactive to the thoughts we are feeling.  Let me explain this:   Say you are reading a newspaper article.  If you hold it at a certain distance, you can read & comprehend the words just find. However, take that newspaper and put it right up to your nose.  You may be able to read a few words, but you will not be able to properly comprehend anything  in that article.  Which could lead to confusions & big misunderstandings.  See what I’m saying here?!

So the goal for you is to rename ALL the emotions on your list (most people will feel the same emotions on a week to week basis, so choose the ones you experience the most frequent for now.  No more than 5 per *negative* and *positive* groupings at this point.

What I want you to do for the *negative* emotions, is to choose another label for that emotion that you have no physiological attachment to.  Basically for your *negative* emotions, I want you to choose a neutral.  Open up the dictionary, search online.  Grab the label that you find could be a good fit.

For example: I took Frustrated and changed it to disenchanted.

This word leaves me with no attachments to it whatsoever.  So even though I’m still feeling the emotion, I am in MY POWER and not the other way around.

For the *Positive* Emotions on your list, I want you to choose a label that makes you feel 10x more postive- So that when you state how you are feeling, you actually have that magnitude to influence others around you.

For example: I took Happy and changed it to Blissful.

Just saying that I’m feeling Blissful gets me all giddy.  Amirite?!

So to recap: You want to have those *negative* emotions vibrating at a lower frequency and the *positive* ones vibrating at a higher frequency.

Third Step: This is the most important one, after awareness of course. You need to keep this list. Save it on your screensaver, post it where you will see it daily.  Remind yourself of the Switch because in order to have Empowered Emotions you need to be actively practicing it.  Tell your loved ones about your new labels.  And when you use an old emotion, don’t stress about it.  Practice compassion and move on.  Be gentle with yourself in this part of the exercise.  Too often we are way too hard on ourselves and this only leads to unrealistic expectations in trying to attain perfection- which if you have been reading/following me for the past few years- you know that perfection is complete BS.

Mindset work is a lot of hard work, but it is so worth it.  Stay in your Power.


You are expansive enough  – do it with an Empowered Mindset!



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