Ep 33~Learning to Live a Life of Want tos with Alex Agresta

In this episode we chatted on:

-Choosing faith over fear & earning a degree in life

-How to leave an impact all while challenging the status quo

-Live in your want tos vs have tos

-What could happen if you challenged your fear by using positive pessimism

-Money Mindset & why charging for your services is a gift to your client spoiler alert FREE EQUALS NO RESULTS! Energy exchange is everything.

-Learning how to align what you do (purpose) with a profit.

Books mentioned in this episode:

Simon Sinek Start With Why

Jen Sincero- You Are A Badass

William P. Young- The Shack

Esther Hicks -Ask & it is Given

Micheal A. Singer – The Untethered Soul


“Say no to misaligned things, so you can say yes to aligned things.  A no is a yes in disguise.” ~Alex Agresta

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