Your Body Is A Good Body- How to see it from a Neutral View

Did you know that approx 91% of women are dieting at any given time?

Did you know that 97% of women are beating themselves down, stuck in the mental and emotional energy it takes to tear themselves apart? (consumed by numbers on scales/sizes, cellulite, stretch marks – & all that The ‘Not Enoughness’ encompasses)

Did you know that 100% of the energy you focus on leaves you drained to shift your mindset to something more loving & compassionate?

Cognitive Distortion is a serious issue.

Your body hears what your mind speaks.

The truth of the matter is that #SelfLove is NOT found in a diet, product or a workout program

It comes from within.

And it is possible to change the conversation & learn how to stop wanting to forever shrink, stay small & end the abusive dieting cycle- (you cannot be a professional dieter.)

It’s about learning how to take up ALL the space in your body to then take up MORE space in your life.

It’s about learning to embrace your GLOW.
Reclaiming it.

For those who are new to my page (Feed that Glow) welcome! I’m so glad you are here!

I have been where you are.

For years, I hated how I looked. I spent YEARS picking myself apart-

Body part by body part.

I spent years saying: “Im a body under construction”.

Implying that I was somehow *broken* & needed to be repaired.

Here is a picture of what MY body has done for me.

The incredible miracles that I was blessed to create -yet somehow took for granted.

A body that fought cervical cancer.

A body that SURVIVED years of torture via mental, physical & emotional abuse.

Sister: our bodies are all we have when we are born & when we die.

Why spend all the many years in between this being so mean to something so AMAZING?!

So let’s explore what you can CHOOSE to do different right now to not be so hard on yourself.  Side note: NOTHING is inspired by perfection.

  1. Catch your thoughts. What is the inside chatter? Is it Kind? Would you say that out-loud to your best friend?

If the answer is no: then you need to STOP saying it in your head.

Immediately. It’s about switching that pattern.  Oh and if you believe that self-criticism is an effective way to motivate yourself into doing things, that is false. (I’ll save that for another day though)

2.  It’s not about saying how much you *love* yourself and all that other jazz (yet) but rather taking it back to a neutral base.

Example: Instead of saying I am so beautiful and I love my body, why not say something like: I have a body.  It carries me around.  I like my eyes. And the fact that my big legs are strong AF.

3.  Focus on ALL the things you can do!

Seriously, we don’t appreciate the fullness of what we can do in this life! How often do we downplay our successes but yet berate ourselves for things that are more challenging to learn, do, etc.

Listen to me: YOU have a GOOD body. And that body shows up for you everyday regardless of pain, illness, stress, etc.

And Darling, you are SO much more than your outer shell.

It’s just about starting to change the conversation within ourselves, to start to Embrace our GLOW.

Slowly, slowly, slowly you will get to where you are going in your healing.  You are enough.

Pinkie swear! Xx

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