3 Ways to Effectively Use Comparison

Listen, it doesn’t seem to matter what your goals are (getting out of debt, building a business, getting in shape, etc.) there will always be times where we may find ourselves comparing our suckage to someone else’s highlighted reel.

In this Food For Thought episode, I give you actionable steps on how to use comparison so that you don’t end up stuck with comparisonitis.

  1. It’s not a Zero Sum World. Meaning, just because someone else’s seems to be “winning at life” doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed as well. In fact, I love to use this as a time to be genuinely excited for that person. Why? Because it gives me hope for POSSIBILITIES. In other words, if they can do it, then so can you sister.

2. Stop comparing your Starting point to someone else’s mid journey. We all get there when we get there sis! Your Ego will definitely try to trick you into believing that you “suck” because you haven’t allowed yourself the space to be a beginner yet. Girlfriend, let go of that Perfectionism & get into the MESSY Practice of taking up space in your goals. Switch that perspective & you will see things for what they really are.

3. Get curious. Ask yourself “Who do I need to become in order to earn this?” Ask yourself empowering questions like “What does a person who is debt free live like?” “What does a person who is living a healthy lifestyle live like?” “What does an author live like?” All of these questions will help you see how you need to show up in the goal you want to achieve. What messy consistent steps need to be taken daily? Go deep with this process.

No matter where you are in your journey, I really want you to know that you are already #WorthyAF to receive it. You just gotta believe in the magic of possibility.

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