Feed your body.  Feed your mind.

Hey! I’m Crystal!

I work with women who are totally over the whole ‘eat-less- move more’ approach to living life! #NoMoreFadDiets


I empower women to move and love their bodies as well as eat guilt and shame-free.  I help them get back on their own to-do lists by giving them the tools to look and feel totally #Sessy- (The art of being classy, sassy and sexy).


Feed That Glow encompasses so much more than just food. It means finding & feeding your passion for life & tapping into that inner glow.


Let me help you rock it in a very Unapologetically Authentic Way.  #SelfLoveAdvocate  #MoreThanMyShell





And when I’m not coaching women’s fitness classes, creating online training programs, or giving public speeches to schools/agencies/or anyone who wants to listen to me talk, I can be found:


Juggling everybody’s schedule- I’m a mom to 3 boys- ‘nuff said!


At the Gym- I train 3-4x a week, depending on the week, day and my general mood.  My sessions are super short and sweet and I don’t over do cardio anymore.  No more double sessions - been there done that bought the T-shirt.  No but seriously, ain’t Nobody Got Time For That, LOL  #SufferingIsAChoice




Lounging on my mama chair with the Monkey-bean glued to my side, binge watching episodes of The Big Bang Theory with my Hubby.


5 things you don't know about me:

If you’re dying to know more, here are 5 things you don’t know about me:


1) I looooovvvvveeeee Breakfast foods- Like I will eat pancakes, waffles or french toast for any meal! With waffles being my utmost fav of the three because obviously.


2) I always read two books on the go- never just one! A habit I’ve been trying to break for years!


3) I am a Car Singing & Dancing Diva! I travel OFTEN, and I take great pleasure in pretending that I’m a superstar and the stadium has been filled to max capacity wanting to come see what kinda performance I can give.  A girl’s gotta dream right?


4) I crave my gal time! At least once a month I recharge  my battery by hanging with my gals- I’m a big believer that a gal needs her tribe! Laughter is SO good for the soul!


5) I love drinking wine, eating food guilt free & laughing so much that I snort!


How bout you? Let’s connect! Join my tribe through my Newsletter where I share exclusive weekly tips, tricks and strategies to getting after the kind of life you crave in a stress and shame free way!


I’m all about that heart, body, mind and soul vibe!





FeedThatGlow.co consists of online and in-person fitness coaching that is offered only to women.  Feed that Glow encompasses so much more than just feeding and moving our bodies.  I want to empower women to know their true Self-Worth is so much more than their outer shells, their past or their current circumstances.

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